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I'm Anas, the proud founder of Mately, a brand born from a personal journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

The founder of matelydrinks
first matély bottle

the journey begins

Back in 2020, during my journey to better health, I needed to cut down on coffee, which had  replaced my smoking habit. It wasn't easy – I felt tired and unmotivated, and my stomach wasn't happy. Extensive research and medical consultations pointed me towards changing my diet. Then I rediscovered yerba maté, a treasure from the Amazon and my Syrian heritage. This awesome herb, swooped in to save the day. It gave me energy, motivated me, and made my tummy feel much better. But, there was an issue – making a tradional warm yerba maté every day was a hassle.

the lightbulb moment

It was clear that a more convenient solution was necessary, sparking my experimentation with cold brewing Yerba maté. The revelation was profound – not only was the taste superior, but the entire experience was transformative. The impact was so significant that I felt compelled to share this discovery with the world, driven by a newfound determination and the supportive role the drink played in my health journey.

first matély market.webp
matély development

vision for a healthier world

Today, my ambition extends beyond offering a healthier beverage alternative. It encompasses a broader mission to enhance mental, physical, and social well-being through our super maté drinks. My dream is to foster sustainable changes in health and connect communities around the globe to the extraordinary benefits of Yerba maté.

crafting the dream

Countless hours in my modest kitchen in Purmerend were dedicated to perfecting recipes and exploring flavors. My commitment to sharing the benefits of Yerba maté led me to participate in various events, offering samples to gather feedback. A partnership with a local brewery was the next step, cementing our commitment to Dutch craftsmanship and quality.

Anas, founder of matély, new bottle design
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