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My name is Anas, and I am the founder of Mately


In 2017, I had to leave my county, Syria, and came to the Netherlands to start everything from scratch.

Are you curious as to know how I started Matély?

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The beginning:


In 2020, I quit smoking and started consuming a lot of coffee as a replacement. After a couple of months, I started feeling tired, and unmotivated. At the same time, I got stomach and gut problems, and where ended up doing a lot of scans and research about it. I discovered that the only solution was to change my diet. During this transformation, what was key and make me feel the most difference in a good way was a herb we used in Syria called Yerba maté. So, Within a couple of days, I felt better, lighter, and motivated again! My gut pain went away, and I even stopped napping in the middle of the day.  Also, my gut pain is gone away. However, Yerba maté needs a lot of preparation to drink.

AHA! Moment


I felt the necessity to create new ways of drinking it. So, I started to cold-brew the drink and... Wow! The taste and experience were perfect! I wanted everyone to feel what I felt.  Of course, I had the determination to change, but the drink helped me in achieving that.


The process


I spent hours in my humble Kitchen in Purmerend, trying many recipes and flavors. I even joined many events and let people try the drinks to get insights. Then I partnered with a local brewery to ensure proudly the Dutch crafting quality




Here I am, willing to make small changes in people's Mental, Physical, and Social health sustainably by connecting them to the super Maté drinks.


let's Bring some flavor to this boring market

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